Your Puppy’s Required 4 Basic Needs

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Your Puppy’s Required
4 Basic Needs

Behavioral Needs

  • Puppy Training Kennel – puppies are denning animals by nature, aids with housebreaking, eliminates destructive behavior
  • Housebreaking Aids – scented drops to attract puppies where to go
  • Puppy Treats – training and housebreaking rewards
  • Chew Toys – minimum of 6, puppies are teething
  • Collar or Harness – keeps puppy under control and safe, remove while puppy is in playpen
  • Leash – keeps puppy under control and safe
  • Training Resource Kit – includes an 800 number for professional consultation
  • Deterrents or Repellants – keeps puppy away from specific items and areas

Maintenance Needs

  • Shampoo – puppy shampoo, human shampoo has an inappropriate ph
  • Cologne – keeps puppy smelling clean and fresh between baths
  • Crème Rinse, Coat Conditioner – reduces tangling and matting on long hair breeds
  • Brush & Comb – removes dead hair from coat to reduce shedding
  • Shed Reducer – supplement to put on food to reduce shedding
  • Nail Clippers & File – keeps nails short and smooth
  • Styptic Powder – stops bleeding quickly if nail is cut too short
  • Toothpaste/Toothbrush – helps eliminate bad breath and gum disease
  • Flea & Tick Product – prevents or treats fleas and ticks
  • Stain and Odor Remover – eliminates proteins in urine that attract the puppy back to the same area
  • Tear Stain Remover & Ear Cleaner – keeps around eyes and ears clean
  • Puppy Book – training information, breed information & instructions for ongoing care

Environmental Needs

  • Puppy Training Kennel – aids in housebreaking, puppies want to keep the area where they eat and sleep clean
  • Water Bottle – used in playpen to provide water and keep playpen neat
  • Food & Water Bowls – clean containers for puppy to eat/drink out of, stainless steel last the longest and are hard to tip over
  • Dog Tie-out & Tie-out Stake – keeps puppy safe in the yard
  • Dog Bed – puppy’s own place to sleep and rest
  • Identification Tag – if puppy becomes lost

Nutritional Needs

  • Premium Grade Puppy Food – ensures proper nutrition, quality ingredients, less stool volume, we feed and recommend
  • Appetite Stimulant – very important during environmental changes, assures puppies eat, combats hypoglycemia
  • Canned Puppy Food – entices teething puppies to eat

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