WHAT Exactly Does Home Raised Mean To So Many Who ‘CLAIM’ Home Raised Puppies?

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What Does “IN” Home Raised Mean?

WHAT Exactly Does Home Raised Mean To So Many Who ‘CLAIM’ Home Raised Puppies?

  • Some breeders claim their puppies are “Home Raised” BUT…. when you look at their homes WHERE do you find the dogs and puppies? In the backyard in concrete floored cages or Kennel runs. Just because they are on their home property does NOT mean you are getting a truly IN home raised puppy.
  • if a breeder claims home raised, ASK specfic questions about WHERE the adult dogs spend their time and WHERE the puppies are born and raised.
  • Kennels out around their property is NOT home raised!
  • We STRONGLY disagree with that being called home raised!!!

What Does Home Raised Mean To Us? (And should mean to you)

True “IN Home Raised Puppies” are certainly a lot more work than kennel raised puppies but they are also much more fun. Home raised puppies should mean the adults are INSIDE your home being loved and treated as family members! PERIOD!!! Anything less is NOT home raised, not truly home raised!!!

  • It means that the adult dogs and the puppies are INSIDE our homes WITH us, ALWAYS!!!
  • You find our adult dogs IN our homes, (homes that are clean, but sometimes messy, but always clean)
  • Under our feet,
  • Sleeping on the back of their sofa
  • Sleeping on a chair in their room
  • Having free run to go inside the house or out in the back yard
  • Sharing our own back yard, (yes, that means a lot of poopy scooping and flower bed repairing)
  • Being treated as family members
  • AND linoleum and tile floors (lots & lots of mopping) – (NOT concrete kennels being hosed out)
  • Adult dogs who KNOW they are part of the family (hmmm… they think they are people)
  • It also means keeping retired breeders or spaying/nuetering them, allowing them a life long home of leaisure!! They are family members, NOT just puppy machines to make money with.
  • Home raised is a love driven hobby not big bucks driven!! In other words, the dogs are more important than the income!! Income is a suppliment income not a living.

If You Are Buying A Puppy, Why Does “IN” Home Raised Matter?

  • IN home raised puppies just have a better and healthier start in life
  • Solid and clean bloodlines
  • A truly well socialized and truly happy puppy
  • A puppy who has never known anything but love and attention
  • Puppies who love toys and who love being held
  • You should feel good knowing its parents are in life long loving homes being truly family members
  • Confidence in knowing you are not supporting a puppy mill
  • A breeder who cares what kind of homes puppies go to
  • A breeder who will take your dog in and find it a new home for free if your life changes and you can no longer care for it (no matter how many years later)

Food For Thought: Most puppy mill owners do not consider themselves a puppy mill, even when they are. Therefore, it is YOUR responsibility, as a buyer, to know who and where you are buying your puppy. It is YOUR responsibility to know how the parents of your puppy live thier daily lives. It really should matter.


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