Story of my past baby and his new family!:)

A heartwarming story of  my past baby Rudy and his wonderful new family!

This is a picture of my Dad, my Mom and Rudy. This picture represents a very special memory for me and I just wanted to share the story. So, here it is.
First of all, my parents spent several years of their lives caring for their parents, my Grandpap, my Grandma Kate and my Grandma Jean, who lived with them until they passed away. After they passed, my parents went on some great trips including Alaska, Hawaii and several closer, not so extravagant trips. They took our entire family on a beautiful house boat in Tennessee where we had such a wonderful time. I can’t remember when it happened, but at some point after my Grandma Kate passed and my Mom, Dad and their dog Spike were the only ones remaining in the house, Spikey passed away. For a good while, my Mom and Dad said that adopting a new pup was out of the question, because they wanted to travel. Maybe 2 years went by and they were still having a great time traveling and spending time with our family. As last Christmas approached, my sister Dez and I were faced with what to get our Dad for Christmas once again. We went through a list of things; a robe, slippers, tennis shoes, sweat shirt etc. The same old thing every year. We talked about how much my Dad would love to have a puppy, but we knew we better not go there! My Mom made it clear that there was no time for a puppy several times since Spike had died. I remember this conversation with my sister like it was yesterday. She was looking at a Shitzu breeder on line and there were available puppies. Oh, we went back and forth, but Desiree Ezzo-Mallos and I had our hearts set on this already. We then 3 way called our other sister Michelle Ezzo-Strizzi to ask her opinion or should I say convince her that it was the right gift for our Dad. She said, “no way, mom will kill us”, she went on to say exactly what we were told so many times by our parents. In the mean time, we called the breeder, got a price for the available puppy and all the details. There was no turning back, except we needed to make one more phone call. We had to call Mom!!! My sister Dez was going to do most of the talking and I would back her up. I told her, to tell mom that we already bought the dog and we just needed to know when she thought it was good to give it to Dad, now or on xmas eve. My sister didn’t want to lie to my mom, but i assured her that we would tell the truth afterwards…hahahahaha! So, we made the phone call and told her. She was extremely surprised and was himming and hauing until we told her that it was already a done deal. “What, you already have the puppy! Are you serious?”, she said. “Yup, we do mom and we just need to know when to bring him over. Today or on Xmas eve?” we said. She still gave us some trouble but then said, well if you have him already, bring him over today! Dez went and made the purchase, I wrapped a box with the a top on it and bought a color and placed a big red bow on it and my mom came up with his name. I met my sisters and their families at my moms. My Dad was upstairs working on something and he just thought I was over to visit, which I often did so he wasn’t in a huge hurry to run away from his project. We all gathered in the kitchen, placed the pup carefully in the box and then I called my Dad downstairs. We were all standing there when he entered the room. He was shocked and smiling. We told him that we brought his xmas present over early. We were all making alot of noise trying to cover up the sounds of the pup in the box (dont worry, he was safe). My Dad opened the box and out popped this cute little guy in this picture, his name was to be Rudy. My Dad took him out of the box smiling with tears in his eyes, he was the happiest I had seen him in a long time! He was elated and we were all so happy to make him so happy! We did it, we got him the ultimate gift! Notice in the pic that my Dad has on a sweatshirt with a Shitzu on it. My Mom and Dad bought those when Spike was alive. It just so happened that my Dad happened to have it on, on this day. My Dad went on to take his pup everywhere with him and sleep with him on the couch. He spoiled the poop out of this little pup! About a month and half later my Dad passed away from a major heart attach. It was the worst day of all of our lives! My Mother lost the love of her life, her best friend and we lost the most amazing father, but little pup, Rudy, he was so confused! He looked around for my Dad for quite a while after my Dad passed. This is where I believe God does things for a reason. My Mother has had such a rough time learning to live with out my Dad. She is absolutely heart broken, but pushes herself through everyday and learns new things everyday. If is wasn’t for the fact that Rudy has been by her side every day loving her and my mom knowing just how much my Dad loved this dog, I fear that my Mom would not have come as far as she had today. She loves this little guy with all her heart! She even has a doggy car seat for her little pup and had his picture taken with Santa this year. I thank God that we would not take “no” for an answer last year when we told my mom that she was about to be a mommy again, he is saving her life!
In loving memory of my father, Patrick Ezzo. I love you Dad and I will always be missing you!! Merry Christmas up in heaven, I know your Gods angel!! — with Desiree Ezzo-Mallos, Michelle Ezzo-Strizzi and Andrea Parshall-Ezzo.








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