Sizes of a Shih tzu

Posted by: Kathy  /  Category: How to care for your Shih-Tzu puppy

Estimating the size of a puppy is just that- an estimate. Beware of breeders who promise you a certain size dog. Chances are they are banking on the fact that by the time your puppy is grown, you will be so in love you won’t mind that it isn’t the size you were promised. When we bought our first shih tzu puppy, she was very small and we were told she would be way less than six pounds. She ended up being seven. Her litter mate was almost three times her size, and they thought he was going to be huge. In truth, he ended up being not much larger than her.

There is just no way to be sure. We will give you our best guess what your puppy will end up weighing, but that is in no way a guarantee. For this reason we do not charge extra for smaller puppies. We feel that it’s unfair to charge extra for a puppy just because it may end up being smaller than average.

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