Shih Tzu – Teeth & Dental Care

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Shih Tzu – Teeth & Dental Care
The Vital Need of Dental Care

It is amazing how even just 20 years ago, even veterinarians did not understand the important need of dog dental care.  The old wives’s tale that a dog kept their teeth clean by chewing on bones and such was sufficient, sadly inevitably must have led to countless dogs dieing from infections that festered for years; the dogs eventually dieing in pain; their owners never knowing.

People used to think that brushing a dog’s teeth was unnecessary.  Little did they know that many dogs died because of the lack of dental care.  Their pet would pass away and they were not aware it was because of impropergrooming!

As a dog grew older and began to eat less, an owner would assume that their dog ate less because they were entering their senior years.

How unfortunate that many of those Shih Tzu were actually having difficulty eating because of tooth issues; and unable to give this message to their human family members.

 with today’s medical technology, we now know that taking care of Shih Tzu dental needs is just as important as any other element of care.

Your Shih Tzu needs you to brush their teeth just as often as you brush your own.  Understanding the importance of this will save your dog possible excruciating pain and eventual death from infections. 


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