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Shih Tzu Information Center

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Shih Tzu Information – Welcome!
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Breed Stats

Pronunciation: SHEET-sue
Original Pronunciation: Sure-ds
Current Translation: Lion dog
Original Meaning: Lion
Common Misspellings: Shihtzu, Shihju, Sheetzu, Shitzu, Sheetzo
Origin of the Shih Tzu: Tibet & China
Date of Origin: Arguably the Shih Tzu dates back to the 17th century
Weight: 9-16 lbs (4.08-7.26 kg)
Height: 8-11 inches(20.3-27.9 cm)
Group: Herding, AKC Toy Class
Life Expectancy: 16 years
Purpose: Companion dog and Show dog

Shih Tzu Health Issu

Each type of breed has their own set of red flag health issues. The Shih Tzu is prone to have certain medical problems more than other breeds. This does not mean that your dog is sure to have an illness or health issue; we will help you know what signs to keep an eye on.

This breed, with a long back and short legs may have back problems at some point. Regular preventive care is always necessary to keep your pet in good health. Special care must be taken in regard to dental issues. Keeping your dog healthy involves many aspects.
See Health

New Shih Tzu Information

Dedicated to this breed, we are constantly updating and adding new Shih Tzu information. Our Topics of the Month are a wonderful method to always be learning about your Tzu. These range from amusing traits to serious health issues and advice on various topics of care, grooming, training and more. Check our our newest information!

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One Smart Dog!

We offer detailed information regarding the training process of your Shih Tzu. Known for not only their intelligent but also for a bit of a stubborn streak, we address the topics of the stages of learning and also a step-by-step guide that examines the appropriate age for teaching your Shih Tzu various commands. You will also learn if your dog is at the average intelligence level for his or her age.
See Training

Learn What Imperial, Miniature and Tea Cup Shih Tzu Dogs Are!

Are you wondering about the terms of  Imperial, Miniature and Tea Cup Shih Tzu dogs? The trend is growing and does not seem to be stopping for the demand of these dogs.  Are these separate dog breeds?  Why are these terms so popular?  Is an Imperial Shih Tzu really different than a “regular” Shih Tzu?  Do they have royal bloodlines?  Learn the facts..whether you already have a Shih Tzu or are planning on bringing one into your home!
Imperial, Teacup & Miniature Shih Tzus

The Show Dog

Entering the world of dog shows can be a wonderfully rewarding experience. Learn the ropes of how to enter your dog, what to do in order to prepare and how to help your dog win a ribbon. Learn about Matches, grooming and what elements are present at an agility event. Whether you plan to enter into a conformation show or an performance venue make sure that you and your dog are ready.
See Shows – Preparing

Exercise Requirements

While some dog breeds, such as the Basset Hound are perfectly content lazing around near your feet, the Shih Tzu is an active dog that requires a brisk walk. This is needed daily. Our exercise section will show you how much is needed and how often. Since this dog is an inside dog, learn some great methods of providing much needed indoor activity as well.
Exercise Requirements

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Yummy Home Cooking
for the Shih Tzu

Find out the difference between manufactured dog food and home cooked food.  Learn how this directly impacts your Tzu…More

Shih Tzu Temperament

The Shih Tzu is a noble dog and very lively. This breed makes a wonderful family pet.  Others wish for a Shih Tzu to have one of the most beautiful dogs, to enter into shows.  In either case, having your dog well-trained is a must.  Behavior analysis shows that this dog will interact well with children, given that attention is paid to proper training. They have animated and amusing personalities. Learn detailed information regarding behavior and temperament.
See Behavior

Housebreaking Overview

The Shih Tzu is a very intelligent dog; therefore they can be trained just as an owner wishes. However, since this dog has a bit of a inbred stubborn streak, detailed and thorough training is necessary. Find out excellent training techniques to keep both Shih Tzu and owner happy.
See Training


Some owners find themselves feeling helpless when their Shih Tzu displays odd health symptoms. Many times this can be attributed to allergies. Almost 25% of dogs will have an allergic reaction to either an outside source or an internal one. Arm yourself with knowledge regarding canine allergic reactions. As a responsible owner, you must know what to do if an allergic reaction suddenly strikes and how to help your dog is he or she is suffering from this
See Allergies

Our Shih Tzu Topic of the Month is:
Excitment and Submissive Urniation

Unique Shih Tzu Grooming

Grooming techniques are certainly unique to this breed. A properly groomed Shih Tzu will have a beautiful “topknot” to hold its hair above its eyes. This is used for both male and female dogs and is considered to be an appropriate method to controlling and keeping neat the long fur that would otherwise impair the dog’s vision. Alternatively, one may have the fur clipped. There are many other elements involved in grooming, such as nail care, eyes, ears, bathing, brushing and more.

Grooming – Getting Ready
The first step to preparing to
groom your Shih Tzu

Heat & Pregnancy

Do you have any questions regarding the Shih Tzu heat cycle?  Learn all aspects of female cycle to become well informed regarding your pet.  Are you planning on breeding your dog?  Or perhaps you suspect your Shih Tzu may be pregnant?  Find out the early signs, how long it will be until you have little puppies running around and important health information specific to Shih Tzu pregnancy.

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