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While this may seem like a strange or silly concept, I have a male Shih Tzu named Hobo, who loves the weekly dates he gets to experience with his “girlfriend” Betsy, also a Shih Tzu. Hobo is generally not extremely friendly towards other dogs with exception of his girlfriend.  He always seems terrified that the human attention may go towards the other dog instead of him. He reacts by trying to chase the other dog away, regardless of how big the other may be.

They are nearly dead ringers for each other, in size and markings.  You would almost swear they came from the same litter of pups.  They are both nearly all white, except for a little apricot color on their bum. They were born only a couple months apart, from separate parents of course.  Together they make an adorable pair.

Occasionally, they will have sleep overs at each other’s house.  Their sleepovers are supervised, to prevent any “hanky panky” from occurring.  Generally, they behave themselves, but Hobo seems to be somewhat of a bad influence on her.  Normally, Betsy is a very quiet dog, while Hobo has more than his fair share to say.  Since Betsy has been dating Hobo she has started to become more vocal, to her owners dismay.

There have been some instances where Hobo has been allowed to go on week long vacations with Betsy.  The company seems to quiet Betsy down for the long car ride, in addition to keeping her company for her week away from home. Despite the fun that Hobo has with Betsy on his dates and on occasional vacations he does seem to still enjoy the sweet comforts of his own home.  While he tolerates having to share the attention with Betsy for short periods of time, we are still doubtful he would be interested in sharing the attention on a full time basis.

If you have a dog that you think could use the companionship of another dog then doggy dating just might be the answer.  While you may feel silly bringing up the idea to someone else your dog may just well benefit from the interaction.  If you are single and spending time at the dog park it may just be the excuse you need to get to know another single that frequents the park as well.  It may seem underhanded to use your dog to get yourself a date, but I assure you that your dog won’t mind in the least.


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