Selecting a puppy

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Selecting a Dog » Considerations in Choosing the Right Dog So, you think you want a dog. Before you rush out and select one, there are many things to consider. Dog ownership is a big responsibility and one that deserves careful thought and planning. You want to select the dog that?s right for you, so spend some time thinking about the following issues. First of all, do you want a puppy or are you willing to take in a full grown dog? Puppies are a lot of fun, but they can also require a great deal of energy in training. There are many older dogs in need of a home; shelters and pet shops are full of them. Take a look, because you may find your perfect match is not a tiny puppy but a full grown dog. Do you have a large yard or fenced area where a dog can run and play? Or do you live in a small apartment where a dog will likely have only sporadic access to the out of doors? The size of your living space may dictate the size of the dog you select. Do you travel a lot? You may need to select a dog that will adjust well to your long absences and be agreeable to having occasional pet-sitters. In fact, you may prefer the idea of getting more than one dog; when owners are not at home multiple dogs can provide needed companionship (and keep each other out of trouble). Are you looking for a dog as a playmate for your children? Care must be taken, as not all dogs are equally suitable for kids. Will you be caring for the dog yourself or will this be a chore assigned to your children? Again, the level of interaction required by children may dictate the choices you make when selecting a dog. What kind of dog do you want? Do you require a special breed or are you willing to adopt a mixed breed? Many people believe mixed breeds can have a more agreeable personality and better physical health because they lack some of the health risks found in some specialized breeds. If you want a purebred dog, there are many articles on this web site to help you choose which one is right for you. There are more than 170 dog breeds to choose from and each has special behavioral and physical characteristics that set them apart from the ?pack.?


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