Puppy proof your home

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Make your new home safe for all pets by being mindful of, or providing a secure place for, hazards that can…

  • poison—such as cleansers, insect sprays and pesticides, medications, chocolate, certain plants, and antifreeze (ethylene glycol)
  • burn—such as plugged-in appliances, boiling liquids, open flames
  • electrocute—such as worn lamp cords
  • strangle, choke, or obstruct breathing—such as choke collars, small balls, sewing thread and needles, pantyhose, and bones
  • topple or crush —such as precariously placed appliances, top-heavy filing cabinets, and lamps
  • allow escape or theft —such as loose screens and inadequate fences. Never leave your pet unattended on a balcony or chained in a yard.

For more information about pet hazards, check out our pages on foods potentially poisonous to pets, common household dangers and common poisonous plants.

Veterinary Care
As soon as possible, choose a veterinarian and take a practice drive to the nearest emergency veterinary clinic. Trying to find it when you really need it can waste precious time. Also, learn basic pet first aid.


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