Puppies for Sale in Ohio

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Puppies for Sale in Ohio

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Guidelines for Purchasing Puppies:

Be sure that you are ready for a puppy.  This includes asking yourself some hard questions.  Do you have the time to spend with your puppy?  Will you be able to train it, groom it, and excercise it?  Do you have the money to take care of a dog? Do you have the patience necessary to train and love a dog?

Choosing a Breed:

When you choose a breed, you need to be sure you have fully researched that breed and have an understanding of the characteristics of the breed.  Consider if you want a breed that is small or large.  Do you want a dog that barks a lot or doesn’t?  Will your dog be inside, outside, or both?  Do you have the space for an outside dog?  Do you need a dog that is friendly with children?  Do you want a long-haired or short-haired dog?  Are you concerned about shedding?  Do you want a dog that needs a lot or a little exercise?  Have you researched whether the dog breed you are interested in has any health concerns?

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Cost of a Puppy:

Puppies can cost a lot of money.  First, you have the initial cost of the puppy.  The cost varies, depending on where you get your puppy.  The SPCA usually has puppies, and sometimes you can find people who are giving away puppies.  Others may want to go the more expensive route of purchasing from a reputable breeder.  In that case, the puppy may cost you hundreds of dollars.  Some people even spend over a thousand dollars for a puppy.  Your puppy will need annual shots.  Your puppy will need id collar, bowls, and leashes.  Your puppy will need visits to the vet for preventative care.  In addition, you never know what may happen to your dog.  You may have an emergency.  Don’t forget the dog food.  Be sure that you are financially responsible and ready to pay for a puppy.

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Caring for Your Puppy:

Your puppy is going to need daily care.  You will need to maintain a proper diet and excercise program for your dog.  He will need daily grooming.  He will need obedience training, either from you or from a professional.  You need to make sure that your dog is properly restrained.  That means if they are outside, they are either restrained by a leash or chain or with an electric or regular fence that keeps them in.  Also, be aware that a barking dog can be a nuisance to others.

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This website has a variety of advertisements for different breeds of dogs.  Each breeder’s advertisement includes a short description of the breeder’s philosophy regarding their practices as well as a picture of the type of dog they sell, the breeder’s phone number, email, and link to their website.  This is a very comprehensive website, as it has links to breeders of german shepherds, mentmore spaniels, labradoodles, jack russels, poodles, yorkshire terriers, mastiffs, samoyeds, shih tzus, chihuahuas, shelties, bulldogs, min pins, and more.  The photographs on this website really make you want to adopt a new puppy.  This is a very concise and well done website that will help you on your search.  The breeders listed are exclusively Ohio breeders.


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