Happy Shih-Tzu puppy customers!!!

Hello Kathy. Just an update on ”Sully.”   He went to the vet. yesterday for his 7 day check up and was seen by, two surgeons and one MRI specialist. All fell in love with him and was on the floor playing with him. They had him for 1/2 an hour and told us that he is in wonderful shape and the only concern, was the itching and it was from being a puppy and dry skin. Should grow out of it.

xThey couldn’t get over how beautifully marked he is and so well behaved at such a young age. He is really knowing commands and we are working hard on the house breaking. Not going real well, but shall come in time. He does know what his ”treats” are, when he comes in.

The doctors took pictures of him and they went around the hospital and all the way to Louisiana. I told them all, where you are located and what a wonderful ”breeder of these little pups, you are.”

Shall keep in touch. Oh buy the way. We are telling ”Sully,” that he has to stop yelling like a ”Lil Girl,” for he is slowly losing his manly image. hahahah

Thanks Kathy,

Cheryl Brosius

Litchfield   (above picture)

Carl and his daughter Brittany came to pick up Bandit all the way from Detroit, Michigan. He says he follows Brittany all over the house lol!! Sooo cute and Congrats to you!

21Amy Wittenmeyer (above pic) and her cute lil daughter came from Maumee, Ohio to pick up their baby boy Romeo. He is so full of life and spunk. Im glad he is adjusting well to his new environment! Congrats!!:)

Michelle Newman and her husband (above picture #1)came all the way from Charleston, West Virginia to pick up lil Jaxon. He weighed 1 pound 11 ounces on his day to go. What a lil ham. Congrats!!:) Gail Schilke and her beautiful grandaughter came to pick up lil Madi. She checked out perfect at her Vet appointment. She is a lil fireball and of course a cutie pie!!:) Congrats!:):)

Sandy Dulemba and family were here to pick up Molly!! She is quite the lil spunky one. She is a cutie pie and we miss all our babies!!:):)


Riley continues to do very well – she is so much fun and really learning and being a good girl! 🙂 I have attached updated pictures – although most are a bit blurry because she still doesn’t sit for pictures. She always tries to get the camera/phone and wants to play!! She loves the snow which is probably a good thing but I can’t wait until Spring because when it was warm for a couple of days she loved to play with her tennis ball in the yard.

I hope that all of you have a great 2011!

Cathy O’Rourke

Kim and Benji from Aurora, Ohio. He is one spoiled lil boy and will be getting lots of presents from Santa under the Christmas tree this year haha!!:):)

Yolanda Calhoun and her husband Anthony came to pick up Prince October 29th. He prances when he walks, its soo cute to watch. He is a gorgeous Brindle and white and he will be spoiled and loved by all in the family. Her grandaughter just loves him.

I also have pictured above Marie Valenta and Rhonda Swails who have my Shih-Tzu babies. They named them Lil Bit and Zoe. They are spoiled rotten also and loving their new homes!! Congratulations!!:):)

Congratulations!:)Marisa Cuevas and family came to pick up their sweet bundle of joy on Oct.31st. They named their sweetie pie Daisy. She will be loved and spoiled by them. They came all the way from Michigan to get their baby girl. Congratulations!!:)Cathy O’Rourke and family came to pick up her new bundle of joy. She named her Riley and she is quite the lil fluff ball. She has the thickest, most gorgeous coat of Chocolate and white on her. She will be spoiled and so loved. Congratulations!:):)Mr. & Mrs. Lynn Mc Gill, the Mayor of Aurora, Ohio came to pick up their new puppy Shawny. He is joining a Shih-tzu family of 3 other females. He is going to love all the girls and his excellent home. Congratulations on your new baby boy!!:) Update on how Shawny is:

He went to the VET today-VET says he is in great shape-gave him Bordorella in

nostril. Vet wants worm “chews” given now

Two weeks from today-more shots

Shauny is a great dog-eats well-when we take him out he knows what to do-

He sleeps in crate in our bedroom-I take him out twice at night

He stays in our kitchen a lot during the day-we have matching crate there-we

place him in it if we are outside-otherwise he roams the kitchen-loves to sit on

the couch with me-naps beside me

I love this dog-thank you! I took him to the office briefly today-lots of

compliments-Shauny is very calm

Mayor Lynn McGill

City of Aurora

Shawny, the wonder dog, is 10 months old-weighs 11 lbs-loves to play with

stuffed animals and balls- watches as you work, seemingly wanting to help

He is a great dog-Sally and I just love him-almost the “perfect dog”

Sleeps with us every night from 10:30 to 7:00-must have a great “tank”-friendly,

likes to be loved and brushed-thank you for providing us this bundle of joy!

He still squats- influence from his “sisters”?


Mayor Lynn McGill

City of Aurora

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Randi, (above) of Akron, Ohio came to pick up her GORGEOUS lil boy she named Scrappy. Everyone that came to my home looking asked if he was available. He is going to be spoiled andloved by all at his new home. Congrats Randi!!:):)

Tom and Nela Winn of Norton, Ohio picked up their sweet Willy. He will be one spoiled and loved lil boy . He is going to a excellent home. Thank you sooo much for the beautiful flowers and truffles Nela and Tom!!!:):):)

Start your New Year off right with a Shih-Tzu puppy!!! They are loyal and trainable!!:) Non-shedding also!!!

Delilah went to her new home on Christmas Eve and found a safe place to rest. Awwwwwwwww so sweet!!! Congratulations to the Wren family!! DelilahDooney n bourke at their storeDooney and Bourke went to their purse store in Reading, PA. They are now on the screensavers for the store and on the Website. STAR puppies, I am impressed!!! Thanks Donna and Joe for all of your pictures and updates of my past boys!!:)

Look, they have their own strollers. TOO CUTE!!!!  Are they spoiled or what lol!!

Patti Childer of Cuyahoga Falls and her fiance Chris picked up GORGEOUS Paris from my female Dottie. Paris is a lil diva with her own PINK playpen and all pink toys, bedding, and collar and leash. She is in a really excellent home with Patti and Chris!!:):)dooney and Bourke stroller

chocolateShih-Tzus are like Chocolate, you  just cannot have one.:):)  that puppy in the window dooney n bourke2hearts212Baby Codyimported-photos-00002How much is that puppy in the window???

Hi Kathy this is Samantha we purchased maya from you! I just wanted to let you know that maya is a great puppy and is very happy! She recently got spayed and is now about twelve pounds. Maya is a great puppy and i am so happy we have her. Maya is so loving and is very smart. She sits,gives high fives,waves and much more. She is potty trained which we are very happy about and stands by the door when she needs to go. She loves just spending time with us and snuggling. She is wonderful thank you so much hope you are doing well!!!!! 🙂



get-attachment.aspxag_star1MayaDooney and Bourke are getting their daily sunshine!!:):) Sooooooo cute!!    puppies 001



Just wanted to give an update on Hershey, who we renamed Mr. Magoo. He’s doing great! We’ve got him on his shot regimen with a vet. Three weeks ago he was 5 lbs, now he is 6 lbs. His potty training is going well and he is getting very good about going outside on a regular basis. The only time he goes in the house, he does his business on paper and it is usually when we are out of the house for extended periods, which is what we would expect.

His teeth are coming in very well and he loves to play with his toys. I have attached a few pictures for you.

We saw that you had new puppies, congrats!

Thank you for our little pup, we love him, and so does everyone else!

Ryan and Shannon Puliafico

Kelsey with her new shih-Tzu Sammy from that puppy in the window. She is so happy with her new little furry friend. I am happy to see Sammy is adjusting well. We Thank You for your business Connie and Kelsey!

We have some Shih-Tzu pups ready in Ohio June 10th for their new homes!:):) GORGEOUS!!!

Bear xmasPuppy2 hearts031kelsey and SammyIMG_1760tsimported-photos-00207imported-photos-00201IMG_17612hearts210


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