Housebreaking a Shih Tzu

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Housebreaking, Training and
1. Housebreaking
There are many methods used to housebreak new
puppies or adults.  Many Shih Tzu owners like to “dual
train” to paper and outdoors.  This means that if your
dog has an attack of diarrhea, or if it  is raining or snowing,
or if you do not get home at the regular  time to take the
dog outside, there is a
place in the house
where  it is acceptable
for your dog to “potty.”
If you lay a sheet of
unprinted newspaper
(available in rolls from
a newspaper or in
precut sheets from a
wholesale paper
supplier) over the
newspaper,  the dog
will not get ink on its
feet and track it across the floor.  Another good product
are washable, reusable “Pooch Pads” available at most
pet stores. Some owners lay a teflon-coated floor grate
meant for use in the  bottom of an exercise pen (available
from wholesale pet suppliers) on top of the newspaper;
this keeps the dog from shredding the  paper or getting
its feet wet with urine. Gradually decrease the  papercovered area as the dog learns what the paper is for.
Confining a puppy to an area that is easily cleaned is
best for initial training, This could be an area with linoleum,
polycoated  wood, or tile flooring. Puppies need to
eliminate first thing upon awakening in the morning,
immediately after eating, at noontime, in the early evening,
and approximately twice in the later evening  before
bedtime. If you notice your Shih Tzu sniffing the floor
and running back and forth or in a circular pattern, this
is a sign to get the dog to the paper or outside so it
knows that this is the appropriate spot to go. Once the
mission is accomplished,  praise the dog immediately.
Should an accident occur, a harsh “No” and “Bad Dog.’
is effective for correction. Any correction should  take
place immediately to be effective—corrections long after
the fact will only confuse the dog, Soon your Shih Tzu
will know  what pleases you  by your voice tone and
will want to eliminate in the appropriate spot. Use white
vinegar or club soda to remove the odor if the dog has

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