Help!! My dog/Puppy wont stop barking!!!!!

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There are a number of reasons dogs bark. The most common include:

  • Alerting behavior, such as when a stranger is at the front door.
  • To show excitement, like you would see during an active play session.
  • To communicate with you when he wants something, as in, “Let’s go outside!”
  • To communicate with other dogs when he wants to say hello or something else.
  • Separation behavior, such as when dogs bark, bark, bark when their owners are gone.

Some herding breeds, like the Shetland sheepdog, will also bark when something is moving. This can be caused by excitement or a desire to herd the object. You’ve mentioned several situations that sound like moving objects are an issue, including cars, falling leaves, vacuum cleaners, brooms, snow, and other dogs.

Here are two tricks to try to handle movement driven barking:

1. Teach your dog to bark on cue. When the dog is barking, be ready with some treats. When the dog is quiet, say, “quiet,” and give the dog a treat. Whatever you do, don’t give the dog the food reward when it is barking.

2. Teach your dog how to do a reliable sit-and-stay. You can put the dog on the other side of the room when you start to sweep. If the dog is quiet, go to the dog, say, “Good boy, quiet,” and give him a treat. In the beginning of training, there should be some distance between him and the broom, but eventually, he will be able to be closer. We call this a “sit and watch” procedure.

These tips and others are described in more detail in our book “Citizen Canine: Ten Essential Skills Every Well-Mannered Dog Should Know.”


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