Grooming tools for your Shih Tzu

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Having the right tools for the job will make grooming your Shih Tzu much easier.A good brush seems particularly hard to find in most pet shops.Different dogs have different coat textures so it is unlikely one shampoo or brush will suit every Shih Tzu so be prepared to experiment a little.

A good quality pin brush is essential. Make sure the pins are blunt and the cushion is soft.Avoid the brushes with bobbles on the end of the pins,they will break the coat.
Pin Brush
Isinis, a good value bristle brush with a very soft cushion.
Lovely for blow drying the coat.
Isinis bristle brush
Tail comb for top knots and straight partings.This is a “bone” comb, available from branches of “Sally’s” (U.S.A.). tail comb
Untangler comb with rotating teeth. Very good for mats and won’t take out as much undercoat as a metal comb.
Available in most large pet shops.
Untangler combs
Metal comb with blunt teeth.Wide one end,narrow the other.This is a Spratts 80.Just use for feet faces and the final finish or you will remove too much undercoat.Groomex small metal comb,ideal for faces. Metal combs
Orthodontic bands for top knots and whiskers. Available from all of the breed clubs or try your dentist if you run out. bands.jpg (15827 bytes)

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