Crazy Human-Like Things That Pets Do

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Crazy Human-Like Things That Pets Do

The Huffington Post Posted: 9/14/11 08:37 AM ET

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Two thirds of American households count at least one pet as part of the family — and one study has even found that we may choose breeds that actually resemble us.

But sometimes that resemblance goes beyond just looks, and pets start picking up some funny human behavior. From taking a bubble bath to grabbing an ice-cold beer, here are a few of our faves from scouring the web (use your common sense, though — some of these are definitely not safe to try at home with Fido!).

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They Use The Toilet
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No need for a litter box, some kitties are just too civilized for that (and pups too). On the toilet they go, hopefully they know to leave the seat down when they’re done.
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