Australian Man Marries His Yellow Lab

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Australian Man Marries His Yellow Lab

by Josh Loposer (Subscribe to Josh Loposer’s posts)
Dec 3rd 2010 @ 5:00PM Filed Under: Dogs

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We’re committed to our pets and all, but this? It’s a bit much.

Twenty-year-old education student Joseph Guiso and his yellow Lab, Honey, are now joined by the sacred bonds of matrimony, or so they say. We’re not so sure the union is legal.

According to the Daily Mail, the wedding took place during a glorious sunset ceremony in Toowoomba, Australia’s Laurel Bank Park, where 30 friends and family members looked on. Joseph and Honey even sealed the deal with a big, wet smooch.

Don’t get the wrong idea, folks, Guiso assured his guests that “It’s not sexual.”

Well, that’s a relief.

As you might imagine, the couple skipped the traditional “’til death do us part” vow, opting for a more heartfelt, species-appropriate exchange. “You’re my best friend and you make every part of my day better,” Guiso said to his bride.

Dress at the wedding was semiformal, with Guiso in a suit and tie and the Labrador in a white cape. The pair has been together since Guiso rescued his bride five years ago. According to the newspaper’s website, Guiso describes himself as a “religious guy” and simply felt guilty living with Honey out of wedlock.

Look, we’ve heard of having dogs in your wedding and even doggie summer camps offering ceremonies joining two pooches in canine matrimony, but this is something completely different.


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