An Owner’s Guide to Great Pet Health

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he Top 10 Questions Vets Get About Pets

An Owner’s Guide to Great Pet Health

Sure, your pet is one of a kind — but veterinarians hear many of the same concerns from pet owners every day. Here are the top 10.

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Whether you’ve got a dog, cat, or a slew of furry friends roaming around your home, one thing holds true: A happy and healthy pet is one that is cared for with love. Knowing how to meet your pet’s health care needs is one of the essentials of being a good pet owner — but luckily, veterinarians are here to help. Not sure how often you should bathe your pet or when to get him vaccinated? Or are you simply curious as to why your dog eats poop? We’ve gathered the most frequently asked pet health questions — and went straight to the experts for their tips.

Last Updated: 03/23/2011

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