A boy or a girl??

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Boy vs. Girl
When every litter is born we are flooded with emails from people wanting a female puppy but not even willing to consider a male. It seems like males have gotten a bad reputation. It has been our experience (and that of other breeders) that males are much more forgiving and willing to allow you to be the pack leader than a female. Females tend to test your dominance all the time. This especially applies to males who have been neutered. Males tend to be sweeter and more loving than their female litter mates. (As one breeder told me, “They don’t call them ‘bitches’ for nothing!”) While both genders make great pets, there is no reason to fear that a male will be less loving or attached to you. In our experience, the opposite is true. (While all our dogs love us, it’s obvious that our male is more attached to us than any of the girls are.)
It seems that the main reason people want a female is because they think a male will mark in their house and hump their  legs. A male that is neutered at  6 months of age will rarely display these behaviors.


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