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Making Your Dog or Cat’s Health a Top Priority – Guaranteed Results

NuVet food supplementsWe rarely feel strongly enough about any particular product to give it our endorsement. In this case, however, seeing the remarkable results of this amazing product in the lives of our own pets has caused us to make our only health supplement endorsement.

Significantly reduce or eliminate many health problems that strike your pet.

Hot Spots
Premature Aging
Low Energy Levels
Digestive Problems
Heart Disease

  • Independently tested and recommended by leading veterinarians
  • Human grade, natural ingredients
  • Formulated over a period of eight years by physicians, veterinarians, pharmacists and animal nutritionists

Scientifically formulated to provide everything your pet needs for “PERFECT HEALTH”!

Synergistically formulated ingredients
(Click on each ingredient for explanation of benefits)


NuVet pet healthThe Veterinarians, Physicians, Pharmacists and Nutritional Scientists of NuVet Labs™ have blended a precise combination of quality food concentrates, herbs and anti-oxidants proven to combat the ravages of free radicals. Start your pet on the path of disease protection today with NuVet Plus™! Your satisfaction with this product is GUARANTEED.

For complete details on this amazing immune enhancing product with money back guarantee, call toll free 800-474-7044.


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