11 Ways Pets Make You Healthy

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The Health Benefits of Pets

Animal Rx: 11 Ways Pets Make You Healthy

There’s nothing like a good snuggle with your pooch or kitty, but did you know your animal companion can also help you lose weight, soothe stress, and keep the doctor away?

By Jordan Lite and Madeline Vann, MPH

The Many Benefits of Pet Ownership
The Many Benefits of Pet Ownership
Dogs Get You to Sweat
Pets Calm Your Blood Pressure
Dogs Relieve Anxiety
Animals Melt Away Stress
Pets Limit Loneliness
Pets Reduce Allergy Risk
Dogs Can Detect Cancer
Cats Can Predict Death
Pets Make Chronic Illness Manageable
Animals Help You Stay Slim
Pets Keep the Doctor Away

Of course you can’t resist your golden retriever’s puppy-dog eyes or your tabby’s silly antics, but you’re getting much more from your pet than unconditional love and great pics for your Facebook wall.

Nearly two-thirds of American households include a pet — and our animal companions are proving themselves adept at enhancing human health in increasingly diverse ways. From calming patients before medical procedures to motivating owners to exercise, pets may be the best medicine we don’t even realize we’re taking.

Here, the notable ways your animal companions can improve your health.


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