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rose1__bloomingAWelcome to that puppy in the window! Call or text us at 330-754-8136 and we will let you know what puppies are available  goldpawprints10

Rascal, a past puppy found some new friends!! Thanks Steve n Linda!!!:)


HI Kathy,

I just wanted to say HI, and send you some updated pics of our sweet Daisy. She has been such a joy to have. She has such a funny personality. She thinks shes a guard dog, and will bark at a strangers… Which is kind of good!! But she is so sweet and loving with the people that she knows! I just wanted to let you know how great she is doing. We are thinking of getting her a friend 🙂

Here are some pics !!!

Thanks again


Lincoln Park, MI

Congratulations to Samantha, one of my customers with her Shih-Tzu Maya in her shirt! Is she loved or what?? lol2hearts21

Kathy I just wanted to know how much joy you have brought to our family with your efforts. Poor dolly has been wore out by the company and playing done by family and friends. Astounding! Thanks again. Jim  (above is the picture of Jims daughter Amy with Dolly!!!:):)

Jim of Green, Ohio


I have been meaning to send you a picture of Izzy. She is growing fast,

and oh what a ham. In this pic she has a chewy in her mouth. She makes everyone

who meets her laugh. We really love her bunches. Thank you for our great joy!

Carey R. Cleveland, Ohio

Hi Kathy – Just wanted to let you know that Bixby ( Billy) turned 7 months yesterday and it is absolutely the best little puppy. He is sooooo sweet and gentle. He has not chewed anything up, he only barks occasionally and he is getting better at potty training. He is really trying not to go in the house. My children just adore him and they tote him around like a baby – and he doesn’t mind. He is great with other children too and strangers.
Just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying him and what a great family dog he is.
Thanks so much,
Lisa Strawbridge and Family  Stow, Ohio

Just wanted to update you on Bailey.  He’s doing really good.  He had his first visit today to the Vets today and was given a clean bill of health.  He’s doing really well with Harley.  They play non stop.  We are very blessed to have him.  He’s deffinately full of personality.  Once, agian we wanted to thank you for him he’s a lil angel.
Amanda & Greg
This is the room where my puppies and Mommys are raised, along with the deck outside and yard to play in. They are in my home along with the rest of our family. Also added some feedback from past customers on what they have to say about my Shih-Tzus and service.



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